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  • “The modern context of the Israel-Hamas War reveals not only historical complexities and geopolitical intricacies but also warfare’s inherent inefficiency in resolving deeply rooted disputes. How we fight wars nowadays does not match our current world.”

  • Still Here

    “Being here has a lot more weight than just being physically present. In a digital age where we binge-watch shows or fall deep into the newest fandom drama, it is easy for any one of us to detach from the real-life events materializing in front of our eyes.”

  • “Every empire has had a slow, draining, and eventual demise that one watched, perhaps not even for decades but centuries. It is not uncommon for there to be a period of immense prosperity, even at the dawn of an empire’s decline. And once again, the Kardashians are no different.”

  • Big Boys

    “These outdated archetypes were personas I eventually adopted near the end of college. Back then, I would do almost anything to be seen. So, knowing my place as the “fat friend,” I also had to be “the funny one.” Otherwise, I was not noticed nor worth mentioning.”

  • A New Human

    “The practice of using they/them, a common gender-neutral pronoun, has been grossly oversold as an undesirable byproduct of woke culture and a detriment to our civilization, a dirty tactic orchestrated by an invisible enemy that does not exist.”

  • “One thing that might be seen as novel in the streaming era is the inclusion of the LGBTQ+ section. Loaded with movies, shows, documentaries, and every type of visual media you can think of, this curated celebration of queerness is gaining more and more attention as the decade progresses.”